Video Production in Grand Junction, CO

Producing high-quality video and audio content.

New! Covert your VHS, DV, HDV, Hi-8, and Betacam video to digital.

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Barb/ Petro engineer for the American Petroleum Institute

Documentary, Sales, and Social Media Production

Tim Nixon On Location on the Half Pipe at Copper Mountain Resort, CO

Tim Nixon On Location at Copper Mtn., CO DEW Tour

Tim Nixon in studio for BlackJack Pizza

Tim Nixon in the Comcast Studio for Black Jack Pizza

Live Satellite uplink media tour for the Breckenridge Resort Chamber with Carly Grimes

Carley Crimes/ Breckenridge Live Media Tour via Satellite

Lindsey Vonn roping photographer Jonathan Selkowitz for Red Bull

Lindsey Vonn roping photographer Jonathan Selkowitz for Redbull

Copper Tim Nixon Tina Dixon Copper

Tim Nixon and Tina Dixon at the U.S. Grand Prix at Copper, Mtn. CO for NBCCBS News

Tim Nixon/ Director of Photography for CBS Sunday Morning:

 “A Trailblazing Artist” -James Niehues

The Story of Frisco, COTim Nixon/ Director, Editor, and Narration

“The Story of Frisco, CO”

Colorado State Parks and Wildlife Trail Grants

Tim Nixon/ Writer, Director, Editor, and Narration

“Colorado Wildlife and Parks OHV Grant Request”


 “Tim is an editor, as well as a director of photography, so he knows how each shot is going to cut. I trust him” -A. K./ Producer at Comcast Media.
“Tim had it handled. I can see that I didn’t need to fly out here from L.A. to do these interviews.” – K. C./ Skip Film
“I was impressed with how smoothly and seamlessly you and your crew set up and produced our show. Amazing because we are normally in a studio.” -D. B. / Money TV


Tim Nixon’s Credits:

ABC In Concert/ Lyle Lovett at Red Rocks/ Director of Photography (DP) for multi-camera production

ABC News VNR/ DP and Editor

ABC/ The Bachelor/ DP and Audio

ABC/ The Jane Pauley Show/ DP

American Red Cross/ DP

Amherst-Reeves/ Bailey’s Coffee House/ Videographer

Arapahoe Basin/ DP and editor

Asylum Entertainment/ DP

Beaver Creek Resort/ DP

Black Jack Pizza/ DP

Bob Winsett Photography/ Videographer

Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center/ DP and Editor

Breckenridge Resort Chamber/ DP and Editor for Video News Releases and Stock HD video

BBR/ DP and Editor for The International Snow Sculpture Championships in 3D

Breckenridge Ski Resort/ Bumps. Ballet and Big Air Freestyle Skiing/ DP and Editor

Breckenridge Ski Resort/ One Decade of Snowboarding/ DP and Editor

Bud Sports/ Videographer

Burt Cohen Productions/ Videographer

BVP Media, Inc. /Videographer

Cairnes & Associates, Inc./ Videographer

CBS Sunday Morning – “A Trail Blazing Artist”

CBS Collegiate Channel/ Snowboarding / Hard Camera Videographer

CBS Collegiate Channel/ Wake Boarding/ Handheld Videographer

CBS News/ VNR’s/ DP and Editor for many projects

CBS Sports/ VNR’s/ DP and Editor for many projects

Celtic Strongman Competition/ Videographer

Charter Study Sales Training/Videographer

Colorado Ski Country/ DP and Editor for VNR’s and stock video

Colorado Studios/ Multi-camera Studio Videographer for many projects

Columbine High School Shooting/ Videographer

Comcast Media / TV commercials and Documentaries/ DP and Editor for many projects

Communi-Creations, Inc/ DP and Editor for many projects

ConComm/ Handheld and Hardcam Videographer for many live World Cup Alpine Skiing events with up to 88 million world-wide viewers at one time.

Copper Mountain Resort/ DP and Editor for many projects

Court TV/ JonBenét Ramsey Grand Jury Live coverage/ DP

Court TV/ Matthew Shepard Murder, Wyoming Gay Hate Crime Trial Live coverage/ DP

Crew Connection/ DP and editor for many projects

David Leadbetter Golf Academy/ DIT

Diamond P Sports/ Videographer

Disney Channel/ Mesa Verde’ Archeologist/ DP

Disney In-room Entertainment/ Audio Engineer

E! Entertainment TV/ DP

East-West Partners/ Videographer

Echo Entertainment/ EFP Videographer

Edelman PR/ DP

ESPN/ 24 Hours of Aspen for many years/ DP, Videographer and Editor

ESPN/ Disabled Alpine Championships for many years/ DP, Videographer and Editor

ESPN News/ Speed Skating at the Olympic Center in Colorado Springs, CO

ESPN2/ Videographer

Event Innovations/ Awards Video for many years/ Interviewer and Editor

Extreme Skiing Championships at Valdez, Alaska/ Videographer

Extreme Skiing Championships at Crested Butte, CO/ Videographer

FirstTV/ Videographer

Ford Motor Company/ Mt. Everest Women’s Team/ DP

Fountain Valley High, Colorado Springs, CO/ School Promotion/ DP

Fox News VNR DP and Editor

Fox Sports/ “Snow Motion” segments and stand ups/ Videographer, audio and editor for many projects

Freeman Productions/ Videographer

Frisco Historical Society/ DP, audio, editor for many projects


Genuine Jazz in July/ Videographer for many projects

Gone Skiing/ Documentary/ DP, interviewer and editor

Grand Timber Lodge/ DP, writer, interviewer and editor for many projects

Harvey’s Casino/ Videographer for many projects

Henry Gill Advertising/ DP

Hill & Knowlton/ DP

Inflow/ videographer

Innovative Display & Design DP

InterSport/ Sarah Will Olympic Hall of Fame Interview for ABC

Intrado Amazing Race/ Videographer

Intrawest/ Videographer

Jalbert Productions/ Videographer

John Deere/ Videographer

JSP Productions/ Videographer and Editor for many projects

Kelley/ Dexter/ Videographer

Keystone Resort/ DP, writer and editor for many projects

KTTV Fox 11/ DP

Leadville Environmental Disaster/ Video News Release/ DP and editor

Loveland Ski Area/ Videographer

Lucent Technologies/ Videographer

Martina Navratilova for Subaru/ DP

MCI/ Videographer

Mitt Romney POTUS Campaign/ Videographer

Mountain Mobile Television/ Videographer

MTV/ Top Ten list, New Year’s Eve Slayer Concert/ DP

National Veterans Training Institute/ DP

NBA Entertainment ALL-Stars/ Videographer

NBC / World Cup Alpine Skiing/ Handheld and Hard Cam Videographer for many projects

NBC News DP and Editor for many projects

NBC/ Today Show/ DP

Netwest Communications/ Videographer

Northwest Colorado Council of Governments

Outdoor Life Network “Fearless – Picabo Street” /DP

OWN/ “Saved by a Stranger”/ DP

Paramount Television/ The Insider / DP

Patrick Henry Group/ Videographer

PBS/ Hero’s of the Slopes

PEAK Productions Marketing Management, Inc./ Videographer

Periscope Marketing Inc./ DP and editor

Phoenix Communications Group/ DP

Pietz Media Group, Inc./ Videographer

PR21/ Videographer

Prime Network/ DP and editor

Psychological Perspectives LLC/ Videographer

RBI Productions, Inc/ Videographer

Re/Max International/ Videographer and Editor for many projects

Red Bull/ Lindsey Vonn Stock Video/ Videographer, lighting and audio

reTHINK All Media/ Videographer

Richmond American Homes/ DP

Rocky’s Auto’s/ Television Commercials/ DP and audio for many projects

Rolling Stone Magazine/ Videographer

RSN/ Filmmaker for many projects

Rudolf Steiner Foundation/ DP, writer and editor

Sharp Communications/ DP and editor

Similasan Corporation/ DP and editor

Sitka Log Homes/ Videographer

Ski the Summit/ DP and editor for many projects

Ski World/ DP and editor for many projects

Sony Pictures/ Catch and Release DVD extras/ DP

SpeedVision/ Videographer

Spike TV/ NBA All-Stars/ DP

Swatch Boardercross World Tour/ DP

The Comedy Channel “The Daily Show”/ Democratic Natl. Convention/ DP, Videographer

The Summit Foundation/ DP, writer and editor for many projects

The Weather Channel/ Videographer for many projects

The World’s Largest Crop/ Videographer

Thinc Video/ Videographer

Three Peaks Real Estate/ DP and Editor

Town of Frisco/ Promotional Video’s and VNR’s/ DP and editor

Tresor TV GmbH/ German reality show “You’ve got to be Crazy”/ Line Producer and DP

Tribe Ltd./ Videographer Sales Video/ Videographer, lighting and audio

U.S. Disabled Alpine Ski Championships/ DP and Editor

U.S. West/ Documentaries including Grand Rapids, NC Flood/ Videographer

USA Network/ Ready for the Week-End Movie/ DP

Vail Resorts/ Stock Video and VNR’s/ DP and editor

VH-1/ VJ’s on location/ DP

VideoGraphic West/ Videographer

Visiting Nurse Associations of America/ DP, interviewer and editor

Visual Technology Group/ DP

WAM/ location segments/ DP

Warren Miller Entertainment/ Videographer

Warriors of Winter/ DP and Editor

Wildfire Mitigation Informational Video Series/ DP, writer and editor

Wilson/ Lass Image Makers/ DP and Editor

Windfall Productions/ Videographer

World Pro Mogul Tour/ DP for multi-camera events and editor

World-Wide Ski Corporation/ DP and editor

WSPN/ Videographer

ZDTV Cybercrime/ Videographer

Zolcer TV/ Videographer

Zoom Communications/ Videographer

Please contact Tim Nixon for more information. Email: levelcam <@>”. Call or text: (970) 368-2668